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While some use Zillow and Trulia to find a home and determine if the price is fair I can guarantee that the information you find there is not as accurate as the Multi Listing Service (MLS). By using a realtor to help you in your home search you will have access to more homes, make sure you pay a fair amount for your home and have some that is knowledgeable about the process to handle the heavy lifting for you. Best of all…all this is free to you as a buyer! Contact me so we can find your dream home.

The Buying Process
  • Needs Analysis – Analyze your wants and needs to get a clear picture of the perfect home for you.
  • Loan Pre-Approval – Guide you to a loan officer that will help you obtain an approval for the best financing available to get a home.
  • Neighborhood Information – Create a broad neighborhood profile and create a list of target neighborhoods to search.
  • Home Search – Organize and schedule a home search process with ongoing updates, drive-bys, and home showings.
  • Make an Offer – Compare potential homes then make a decision. Go over terms and conditions of the offer to be submitted and complete the purchase offer contract.
  • Negotiate to Buy – Offer is presented to the seller and negotiated on your behalf.
  • Vendor Coordination – Vendors will be recommend and their services will be supervised and coordinated on your behalf.
  • Pre-Close Preparation – Coordinate and supervise document preperation and provide pre-closing consulting.
  • Closing – Preview the closing documentation and resolve last-minute issues while completing the transaction.
  • Post-Closing – Coordinate the move in and assist with post-closing issues.

Its Time You Made

Your Dreams Reality